“We are Today’s Last Tragedy. Our purpose as a band is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible with our music. Whether you’re fighting depression, anxiety, addiction, religion, or your own self esteem, we are here to tell you that you can do anything you want in life. The only thing stopping you is yourself. We bring you this message with the most bone crushing breakdowns and catchiest melodies we can put together. We put so much heart in to every song we create. We started as a few kids in high school with a dream of being up on that stage. So we learned how to write record and produce our own music. We started from nothing and we will continue to move forward as long as you support us. Stay metal m/”



T.J. Sajna – Clean/Unclean Vocals/Guitar

Suh Dude, It’s T.J., I do clean and unclean vocals for Today’s Last Tragedy. Making music is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s a great way to have fun, vent, and try to help other people all at the same time. I currently produce all of our material. I started out as a freshman in high school going to almost every local metal show with a far fetched dream of one day being up on that stage. I worked my way up writing instrumentals trying to learn how to mix and master. Now we are up on that stage and we would be nothing without the support you guys give us.


Ryan Spragen – Unclean Vocals

What’s up I’m Ryan. I do inhale vocals and write some songs. Been doin this since my sophomore year in high school and can’t believe it’s even gone this far. I love every second of what we create as a band and I’m very excited to share it to the world.

Aaron Wolf – Bass



Joe Comer – Drums


Brandon Feldkamp – Guitar

Y0 what up I’m lead guitarist of TLT! I’ve always wanted to play the guitar as a young kid, and when I was about 9 I got my first electric guitar. I didn’t have a clue how to work it or even tune it. Eventually I picked up the basics after a year or two and started learning how to play full songs all the way through. Once I could play a whole bunch of songs I just practiced and practiced every single day that I was able to and started picking up the science of a guitar and its components. I eventually started composing my own songs but never could find a dedicated band to work with until I met our vocalist T.J. I went over to his house and loved the down-tuned sound he was going for, it opened up a whole new world of sounds that you don’t really hear in today’s “modern” music. Today I’ve been writing and recording music with him and our other vocalist Ryan for over four years. We now have support (from you the fans) and dedicated musicians (us) working together to help and inspire others with our music. We are Today’s Last Tragedy